My StuffFinder App

Recently featured in The New York Times, My StuffFinder (sometimes searched as My Stuff Finder) is a “lost and found” app developed for forgetful people on the move. My StuffFinder provides a quick, easy, and fun way to “record” the location of today’s most commonly misplaced and lost “items.” These include cars, glasses, shoes, gloves, keys, and wallets. You can also record the location of your hotel, meeting spot, and up to four other user-defined items. The item location is automatically determined through GPS, with the ability for the user to further pinpoint small items by adding an audio note and picture. You must have a 3G or better plan to accurately capture the items’ locations. Accuracy for good GPS will commonly get you within 16ft of the item. The picture and/or audio note can then be used to take you right up to the misplaced item. The app provides you with street map directions to the general vicinity of your item. A pinpoint button can be clicked to further “tune in” on the item’s location. What makes this app stand apart from other location-logging apps is its clean, clever, and quick interface.

Stuff Finder App