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From individual to corporate real estate sites, Hollman Media is a leader in real estate website development in the state of Nebraska. We are capable of integrating local MLS properties, advanced property search, site customization, a properties location map, and lead generation forms, components often found only at large-scale, big-box real estate website development companies. What does this mean for you? In the end, you will receive a top-of-the-line website, integration of exceptional real estate elements, superb customer service, and stateside support, all at a lower cost than expected.

Content Management System

Real estate sites created at Hollman Media are produced using in-house staff with years of design and development experience. Hollman Media develops 99% of their real estate sites on the WordPress platform, the gold-standard in Content Management Systems (CMS). The CMS grants you backend accessibility to your site, so you can easily add, delete, or change your site’s content without needing to know a lick of code.

Small Firm Sites

The Small Firm Sites provide an attractive option for real estate firms seeking high quality on a budget.  This line of websites is designed for smaller firms (2 to 10 agents) that need a professional website and basic functionality at a reasonable price.

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Real Estate Solutions Website

Enterprise Level Sites

Perfect for large real estate firms or those willing to spend the money to get exactly what they want. Enterprise sites have more options and customization, and require more time and attention. These sites are built to last and withstand time.

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ReMax of Kearney Website

Agent Sites

Agent Sites are designed for individual real estate agents interested in building a name and brand that distinguishes themselves from industry competitors. Although these sites can be “built up,” the Agent line of websites focuses on affordability.

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BHA Real Estate Site

RealFlex™ Managed Hosting Services

Let Hollman Media ensure your real estate site’s safety, security, and maintenance through our RealFlex™ Managed Hosting Services.

Standard Static Cloud Hosting Icon
Standard StaticPremium Server, Weekly Backups, SSL Standard, CMS Updates Unavailable
Standard CMS Cloud Hosting Icon
Standard CMSPremium Server, Weekly Backups, SSL Standard, Scheduled CMS Updates
Fully Managed CMS Cloud Hosting Icon
Fully-Managed CMSDedicated Server Option, Daily Backups, SSL Standard, Front-of-the-Line CMS Updates

RealFlex™ REalty Websites

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