Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You paid to own that domain; it is yours.

If we at Hollman Media oversee the management of your domain, you can disregard any message received from third-party vendors.

For sites developed on WordPress, you will receive a login and password to access the CMS, or Content Management System, where you can add, edit, and delete content. For sites not developed on WordPress, it is best to leave the changes to us.

Of course. We would absolutely be willing to help in this way. In fact, nearly all our plans allot time on a quarterly basis to be used for support, maintenance, or content entry, meaning changes can be made at no or little cost.

If you need to request a change in services, please call us direct at (308) 236-7483. If you need to request a change on your site or are experiencing technical difficulties, please email us at When you email, a ticket is automatically created ensuring your issue will be scheduled in our queue and services will be provided as promptly as possible.

Honestly, you may have. That’s because Precision IT and Hollman Media are sister companies sharing and occupying the same space. However, Precision IT manages information technology solely, networking, backup/disaster recovery, security and compliance, help desk, etc., and Hollman Media manages website development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc.  Together, they create a dynamic duo, tackling an array of technical issues companies and organizations need resolved.

Our sister company, Precision IT, manages email services through Microsoft 365.

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