Our Team

Our Team

We are a seasoned, hard-working, innovative, and competitive team that loves taking care of our customers, and rises to the challenge when taking on difficult projects. Our problem solving approach is creative, innovative, yet practical. We don’t concern ourselves with following in the footsteps of other web services companies. That doesn’t mean we don’t value their contributions to the web services’ world. Nope, not even close. We just believe ourselves to be “one-of-a-kind,” with an innovation all our own.

We don’t partake in an east or west coast sort of culture, but in a hard-working, “Nebraska” culture – a culture we believe would make both coasts jealous. But we’re not offended if you feel otherwise. Maybe you think us Nebraskans as unrefined. Yep. Thanks for the compliment. Of course you’ll see an employee wearing flip flops from time to time. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s either really hot outside, or there isn’t a client meeting scheduled, or wait for it…the boss decided to wear flip flops too. We may take our work seriously, but we do so in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to creativity.

Travis Hollman



Travis co-founded what is now Hollman Media with his wife, Angela, in 2000. After two decades, he continues to work closely with the management, staff, and customers of Hollman Media. He specializes in strategic decision-making and regular consultation with other managers regarding general operations and customer relationships. His favorite part of the job is watching his colleagues take charge of their own jobs and grow the company through team decisions and individual contributions.

Travis holds an MBA and is also a lecturer/instructional practitioner at the University of Nebraska. Courses include/have included: Business Ethics, Principles of Management, Advertising Principles & Practices, Advertising Copywriting, Advertising Campaigns, Principles of Marketing, Advertising Management, and Society & Technology.

In his spare time, Travis enjoys working on endless projects at his acreage near Kearney and traveling with his family of four.

Dan Spray



The new CEO of Hollman Media, Dan, has been working in IT for nearly 25 years. Dan developed his IT abilities by starting out in networking and built the Internet division of Connecting Point in Norfolk, Nebraska. His many years working with Connecting Point made him a great fit to then purchase Connecting Point in 2007 with 2 other IT managers. His new-found position as part owner of Connecting Point helped him connect with the community. Dan is heavily involved with Norfolk and the surrounding communities.

Dan has been a member of Norfolk’s community for over 25 years. Before moving to Norfolk, Dan grew up in Southeast Nebraska which was the catalyst for his strong rural ties in Nebraska. Dan’s wife is a teacher at Northeast Community College and together they have 3 boys that attend school in Norfolk. Outside of being a leader in IT development in the Norfolk community, Dan enjoys cycling and flying.

Kelsi Bradley


Creative Director

Kelsi is the Operations Manager. She is responsible for creating the wireframes and designs for the websites we create. She also acts as a project manager and is usually in touch with clients from the beginning of a project to launch. In addition to web design Kelsi also does front-end development and client-side coding. Her design skills are also excellent for print projects such as logo design, billboard design, and brochures.

Kelsi likes being able to switch between a variety of tasks. In particular, website mockups and recreating the look of those designs with code. It’s very satisfying.

On the weekends, Kelsi loves to cook. That’s usually when she has the time to try more elaborate recipes! Kelsi also like to paint and write.

Corey Windendahl


VP of Operations

Corey has spent 20 years in the IT field. First as the IT guy for a large commercial printing company. He then moved into operations, tasked with creating efficient processes and improving product quality. Research, purchasing and implementing new business systems became his specialty. Corey is the go-to guy when a solution is needed to make things run smoother.

Corey started his career in the printing world. Starting as a graphic designer, then became the company IT guy, and eventually to operations manager. After leaving the print world he led a software development team for a nationally known local business. He also serves as the relations manager for our partner company, Precision IT.

Outside the office, he enjoys cycling, listening to, finding and sharing music (mostly hard rock) on Spotify. He has a family of four and lives in Norfolk, NE.

Matt Lueck



Matt is a website developer and systems administrator. He has been a part of the Hollman team for 5 years and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Computer Science.

Jake Korth



Jake has been a software developer at Hollman Media for more than seven years, working on everything from native mobile applications to websites. His favorite part of the job is creating delightful user experiences through intuitive design and pragmatic programming. He studied Computer Science at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

When he’s not coding for one of his many nearly-finished side projects, he likes camping and hiking off the beaten path, playing guitar, and attempting to cook something new.

Kristy Knapp


Design and Marketing Specialist

Kristy has worked in the design and marketing industry for over 20 years. She is jack-of-all-trades and has experience in marketing, photography, graphic design, website design, illustrating, copy writing, copy editing, videography, video editing, and a bunch of other unique, let’s keep this list short for Pete’s sake, creative skills. In short, she enjoys learning new skills and getting the job done.

In her free time, Kristy enjoys spending time at home with her husband, kids, and beloved pets. Like so many other people in this beautiful state, she has Husker football in her blood. She enjoys watching her children in their activities, keeping up with the newest technology, and admiring great art and music.

Meghan Votta


Web Projects Coordinator

Meghan has worked in website management for the past two years, managing department operations and overseeing various projects, as well as leading the implementation of new software internally. Prior to officially joining the technical world, Meghan was employed as a dispatcher for local law enforcement agencies & a railroad company where she learned how to quickly prioritize and respond to situations that kept the flow of operations, as well as interacting with all types of people and industries.

Meghan enjoys problem solving, as well as making sure that the fine details of each project are taken care of. Organization and efficiency are some of her strengths.

Outside of work, Meghan spends her time caring for her 4 children (including a set of twins!). She enjoys cooking and doing house projects. Meghan enjoys watching the kids do extra-curricular activities, and also playing volleyball when she has spare time.