Our Team

Our Team

We are a mature, hard working, innovative, and competitive team that likes to take on difficult projects and take care of customers. Our approach to solving problems is creative, yet practical. We aren’t very interested in following others, but we do understand that we have a lot to learn from others. We don’t have a west coast or east coast sort of culture, but we’re pretty sure those folks would appreciate our approach anyway. We aren’t offended when accused of having a “Nebraska” culture. If a team member comes to work wearing flip flops, it’s probably because it is really hot outside, she isn’t meeting with a client that day, and the “boss” is too busy helping another customer to make a big deal out of it. We’re probably just realists that way.


Executive & Marketing

Education: MBA
Experience: 19 years


Consulting & Research

Education: PhD
Experience: 19 years


Operations Manager, Project
Management & Graphic Design

Education: Multiple Degrees
Experience: 7 years


Customer acquisition, happiness, and retention. Marketing.

Education: Information Technology, Multimedia
Google AdWords Certified
Experience: 3 years


Programming & Systems

Education: Computer Science
Experience: 4 years


Programming & Systems

Education: Computer Science
Experience: 6 years