Website Development

Our approach to web development is not based around a one-size-fits-all methodology. 

 Our client list is diverse, both in size and industry. Some are comfortable with a marketing-based approach, while others prefer rattling off a list of functions and features to get the conversation started. We have solid life cycles in place for any approach and we can easily slide more to the creative side or the technical side of the scale depending on the client’s needs and desires.

 Over the years, Hollman Media has built up a positive reputation for taking on difficult, complex projects without losing site of the user. Our company can handle—in-house—custom database integration, web API hooks, e-commerce, custom server-side coding, Amazon Web Services deployment, load balancing and failover management for high-traffic sites, responsive design, localization, re-branding, video integration, and just about any other technical jargon or buzzword you want to throw at us.

 The best way to know if we are a good fit for you is to simply reach out to us and ask.


The Kearney App

The Kearney App, made possible by Good Samaritan Hospital and built by Hollman Media, LLC, is a new app created for the residents and visitors of the Kearney community. The Kearney App features detai...

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