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Our ticketing service in a nutshell

Hollman Media, LLC offers a full service ticketing solution to colleges, professional sports teams, fairs, rodeos, performing arts venues, and more. 

Our service is suitable for most venues with a seating capacity of 200 to 10,000.

In a nutshell, our ticketing solution's most notable advantages include:

  • Tight Web integration.Login pretty much anywhere there is a computer and an Internet connection. It also means Hollman Media, LLC can perform maintenance on your account quickly and easily from a remote location.
  • Easy user interfaces. Our service requires less training and less need for highly-skilled employees.
  • Limited fees. Make more money while charging your patrons less.

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We include everything you should expect from a full-service ticketing vendor, including:

  • Inventory and sales tracking.
  • Interfaces with industry standard thermal ticket printers such as the printers manufactured by Boca Systems and Practical Automation, Inc.
  • Detailed, realtime reports.
  • Ticket scanning through handheld scanners as well as smartphones using our ticket scanning app.
  • The ability to create your own seating sections and events on the fly.
  • Online sales ability and credit card processing.
  • Automated updates.
  • Print on demand.
  • Ongoing support and upgrades.

Unique benefits offered by Hollman Media, LLC

In addition to these features that you should expect from any ticket vendor, our ticketing system also sets itself apart by offering the following unique benefits:

  • Nearly every administrative task can be performed from a standard web browser like Internet Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Fees for service are low and easy to figure.
  • No installation of software is needed other than installing a simple application for the ticket printers.
  • Nearly an unlimited number of sellers can print to one or more printers that have an Internet connection.


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