School Closings

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When it comes to school and other weather-related closings,our automated school closings network eliminates unnecessary and redundant phone calls and data entry. can be thought of as the MLS of school closings. Every media participant automatically shares its school and other weather related closings with every other participant for which that closing is relevant.

For instance, let's assume that a school in Minnesota decides to close for the day. This school can either use its free online account to enter its closing or it can call one of the local radio, TV, or newspaper members who participate in WeatherThreat. Either way, the closing gets entered into the network and is automatically and instantly picked up by all media participants who cover that school's county. If the school entered its own closing, phone calls were not even necessary to get the message out to the media and then to the public. If it decided to have one of the media participants enter its closing, then only one phone call was necessary to get the word out to all relevant media participants.

Coverage area is determined by county and is set by each participant. is currently used in about a dozen states, including Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, South Dakota, Missouri, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, and Illinois. It can be setup, usually free of charge, in any state in the United States. school closings interfacePlease visit for more information. Or contact us if you are a media organization interested in joining the network.

KRVN is located in Lexington, NE. is a very highly-trafficked site in Central Nebraska. It belongs to the Nebraska Rural Radio Association. KRVN is "tied in with" the award-winning site and

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