Rewards Club

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Screenshot of points storeOur Rewards Club was originally developed for radio. The concept was an instant success.

It has since been integrated successfully into retail and is well-suited for any organization wanting to reward people (members) for performing designated activities. Members are rewarded--automatically by the system--with points for completing these activities. 

Examples of how a member might earn points include:

  • Showing up to a promotional event
  • Filling out online surveys
  • Visiting your website
  • Logging in to their account each day
  • Having a birthday
  • Signing up for promotions

Members can then choose to spend their points in your online points store on simple prizes, coupons, or other creative incentives. Our experience has shown that the most loyal members will go to great lengths to earn even a small number of points.

There are several benefits to using a points-based rewards club.

  • Daily incentives create repeat website traffic.
  • The process of earning points from your club creates an emotional connection and loyalty to your brand.
  • Points drive members to your promotional events.
  • Members provide detailed demographics through surveys, helping you target them better.
  • Club sponsorships and prize sponsorships increase revenue.

Administrative tools include:

  • Points store
  • Sweepstakes manager
  • Member manager
  • Member demographics cruncher
  • Message manager
  • Survey manager
  • Detailed survey statistics
  • Club settings & design wizard

You choose how you brand your club. We can have your club set up and have you started very quickly. Contact us for more details and for pricing information.


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