Mobile Apps, including My StuffFinder

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Hollman Media, LLC develops mobile applications (apps) for both Android and iOS (Apple devices, including iPod, iPad, and iPhone). We build apps that complement our existing web services as well as custom apps built specifically to fulfill the needs of each unique client.

Over the past few years, the number of people using native phone apps has exploded. The reason? Most people now carry smartphones—mobile phones built on mobile operating systems.

Unlike most mobile websites, many mobile apps do not require an Internet connection to run. Another advantage a mobile app has over a website is that it can make use of the mobile device's unique capabilities—the camera, GPS chip, video and audio recorder, etc. This allows developers like Hollman Media to build applications that can scan barcodes (such as our ticketing system and rewards club app), make use of the user's location (such as our My Stuff Finder app featured in The New York Times), and allow the user to submit photos and other media rich content on the move (such as our WeatherThreat app).

When mobile apps are coupled with a complementary website, then some truly useful and innovative things can happen. What are some practical ways these functions can help you? The options are nearly limitless: let users submit photos through the built-in camera, allow scanning of barcodes for a gift registry, use GPS to enhance your visitors' experiences, the list goes on. None of these features were available several years ago when the dot-com era came about.

Confused? Intrigued? Let us help you.


My StuffFinder iOS App

Recently featured in The New York Times, My StuffFinder (sometimes searched as My Stuff Finder) is a "lost and found" app developed for forgetful people on the move. My StuffFinder provides a quick, e...

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