Website Development (Full Service):

Our approach to web development is not based around a one-size-fits-all methodology.

Our client list is diverse, both in size and industry. Some are comfortable with a marketing-based approach, while others prefer rattling off a list of functions and features to get the conversation started. We have solid life cycles in place for any approach and we can easily slide more to the creative side or the technical side of the scale depending on the client’s needs and desires.

Over the years, Hollman Media has built up a positive reputation for taking on difficult, complex projects without losing site of the user. Our company can handle—in-house—custom database integration, web API hooks, e-commerce, custom server-side coding, Amazon Web Services deployment, load balancing and failover management for high-traffic sites, responsive design, localization, re-branding, video integration, and just about any other technical jargon or buzzword you want to throw at us.

The best way to know if we are a good fit for you is to simply reach out to us and ask.

Mobile Applications:

When we first jumped into the world of mobile application development circa 2011, we decided to create a very straightforward app that would solve a very basic problem.

Our intent was to show no more than 30 people what our capabilities were so that we could take on our first “real” gig. The result was My StuffFinder and it ended up being featured in full color on the New York Times. That same day, it was installed over a thousand times.

To this day, despite never being updated or promoted, that app is still installed on iPhones roughly 350 times each week. The app is okay, but the fact that we recognized a problem and a solution to address the problem is what really brightens our buttons.

We’ve become a lot better since that first app. Our team can build just about anything and we’ve built up a lot of technology that can be ported into future projects. Because of our long web history, we tend to be very good at hooking apps into data that is stored online through custom APIs that we develop.

Hollman Media develops all its apps in-house with developers that specialize in Android, iOS (Apple), or both.

Custom Web Applications:

Some of the fields for which we have already developed custom web applications over the years include event ticketing, alerts and notification sharing, points-based rewards systems, time tracking, project management, manufacturing, textual and static content management, video content management, caching, AWS integration, mobile application management, and probably a dozen more we can’t think of right now.

While we work most often with a few platforms of choice, we have the ability to adapt to other platforms when they prove to be a better solution to the problem at hand. As always, the best way to find out if we are the best fit for your project is simply to reach out to us and start the conversation.