What You Get


  • hosting

    Advanced Hosting

    Advanced Hosting Through Amazon Web Services (the same global infrastructure used by large companies like Netflix). This also includes industry-standard uptime guarantees, and adequate file storage.

  • Well-Supported CMS

    A well-supported Content Management System for maintaining the content you want to maintain on your own. (We have other options if you decide against WordPress.)

  • Our Help

    A designated amount of “free” time you can use on an ongoing basis for text changes, graphics changes, consultation, installing plugins, building new plugins, search engine optimization, help with copywriting, Google Adwords help, or whatever makes sense. You will likely get to know our small team by name

  • Security Package

    We install our own suite of proven security tools to help keep each website safe.

  • Traffic Data

    Google Analytics and monthly reports are standard, but we can also expand your knowledge with other options, often free of charge.

  • Licensing

    Some of the plugins and services we hook to your site to make it better and easier to maintain cost money. We take care of a lot of the most essential ones for you.

  • Updates

    Your content management system, plugins, servers, and other software all need updating to keep them performing well and to keep them secure. We take care of this for you.

  • No Need for Special Skills

    You don’t need to know HTML or any other special lingo. Our professional guidance means you get an experienced partner to help you manage your site and take care of the hard stuff.

Mobile Apps

  • Android & iOS

    We develop mobile apps for both these platforms, which makes up nearly the entire market. We are an Apple-approved developer (required) and have years of experience working iwth their reviewers to get apps approved for their store. We’ll make the process smooth for you.

  • Native Custom Development

    Unless required by the project, we do not use third-party “app builders” to build canned services. We build each app using native language. This is important! Ask us to explain further how this benefits you if you don’t know already.

  • Years of Experience from a Nebraska Partner

    We’ve been building mobile apps for almost as long as mobile apps have been a thing. You’ll feel good knowing you are working with the best in the business and knowing your developers by name.

Custom Web Applications

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    Many of the benefits we offer with our websites and our mobile apps carry over into the custom web applications we can develop for you. Each situation is unique, but we can build just about anything for you and provide you with many options for keeping your web application running. If you have some business process that you think could be handled better through a web tool, let us know. We’d be happy to learn more and provide you with an estimate.