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Pulling in traffic

Website TrafficFor many years, the founders of Hollman Media, LLC have been educating their customers about the two approaches for creating website traffic. We call those approaches "push" and "pull." See our website advice article for more information on this concept.

As for pulling traffic off of search engines and onto your site, we offer a couple services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engines, like Google, try to match a user's search phrase to a website that might offer the answer to which the user is seeking. SEO is the process of making sure your website is doing all that it can to be found by these search engines. Although this can become a complicated endeavor, there are three basic areas we look at when optimizing your site:
  • The copy (text) that is on your site
  • The copy that is associated with your site, but not readily apparent
  • Barriers that prevent search engines from properly indexing your site
Optimizing a site involves not only focusing on optimized copy, but also on many tech-related issues that can help or hinder a site. Throw into the mix the fact that search engines look not only at the content on your site, but also at how the rest of the Internet views your site, and you're half way to crazy. It's best to hire an expert.

While SEO tries to take advantage of the "free parts" of a search engine, SEM refers more specifically to "pay to play." Google AdWords, for instance, is a service through which you can pay to have your site's link show up in the sponsored links portion of a results page. Buying advertising based on keywords and paying based on results--rather than placement--can often be quite cost effective.


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