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Our administrative tools were built for the media

Entering a new storyIf you are a radio station, TV station, online newspaper, or other online media entity, then consider the benefits of a Hollman Media, LLC website.

In addition to our ongoing support, we offer a set of standard administrative tools to our media clients:

A majority of the administrative tools we make available to our customers were originally developed for the media. The content on a Hollman Media site is story-based, meaning each web page on that site is assigned to a category from which it shows "chunks" of content.

Content can easily be shred among multiple sites. For instance, if you are a radio station cluster running a promotion across three stations, you probably don't want to enter the promotion three different times on three different websites. Instead, enter it once, set a start and stop date, and check the boxes next to the sites on which you want the information to display.

One of the most advantageous benefits to working with Hollman Media, LLC is your access to our online, points-based rewards club. Click here for more information about our Rewards Club.


Columbus News Team

The Columbus News Team is a site heavy in news and video. Features of the site include live video coverage of sports, events and a daily news cast that viewers can stream live from the site.

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